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Does Jesus Care What Clothing You Wear?

Jesus cares what you wear just as much as he cares how you behave in all other aspects of your life. We call it virtue, which the Catechism calls “an habitual and firm disposition to do the good” (1803). This is not just passive though, it requires action on our part.

In Scripture, Jesus meets people where they are. He approaches them in their brokenness, sometimes entrenched in sin. He forces nothing on them, but invites them simply to follow Him.

This is where most people get tripped up, and frankly what differentiates Catholics from the rest of Christianity.

If we so choose that life, to follow Him in all things, then He expects from us a standard of behavior that conforms to His will. Yes, I did just say that. There are things we should DO if we are to follow Jesus.

Take the words of Dr. Andrew Swafford, Professor of Theology at Benedictine College.

“Paul expects, as Jesus does, that when we encounter Him and receive the Holy Spirit, then our lives will be transformed and we will become gifts ourselves to others. Jesus says unless you clothe the naked, unless you feed the poor, unless you visit the homeless, UNLESS YOU DO THESE THINGS, you won’t be part of my Kingdom. Your works don’t earn their way into the Kingdom, but this is the expectation of what the Holy Spirit will do in transforming us into disciples that are made and conformed in the image of Jesus Christ.”

Now apply this principle to the virtue of dressing intentionally well, especially for Mass.

Our authentic faith in God is always of highest importance. Dressing in a way that conforms to His expectations should follow, as it bears witness to our thriving spiritual life. Does this mean you shouldn’t dress well until your spiritual life is all figured out? Absolutely not. Faith inspires virtue, yes - and virtue also inspires faith. It’s a both/and!

I’d be willing to bet that you’re already following Jesus. The expectations are set. Now be intentional with every aspect of your life including what you wear. Ask God to reveal how your wardrobe is honoring Him. Still unsure? Ask Him again. And again. Knock and the door will be opened.