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How did we get here?


Our Process

Our collection curation process begins with an idea. We brainstorm, build mood boards, and research the latest fashion trends to always be ahead of the game. Once we set ourselves on a solid track, we begin researching the products we want to sell to our audience. We comb through online wholesalers and attend trade shows to find the perfect pieces. We use three principles as we search:

  1. Is this fashion forward? Does this piece have a unique element that elevates it beyond what you'll find on the shelves at a chain store? Does it have intentional details that take it to the next level of fashion? 
  2. Does this piece highlight the beauty of the wearer? Does it uphold our Christian values, especially as it pertains to modesty?
  3. Does this piece fit into the overall theme of the collection? How so? Can someone step into the world of this collection and feel like they belong?

We always buy from vendors we trust. When we attend the fashion show at the Dallas World Trade Center, we meet the owners of these wholesale companies in person. We ask them questions about their clothes and their process. We get to know who they are. As a store who prides ourselves on good quality products, we have a duty to know where they come from.

Once we have our heart set on a collection of clothing, we buy them and have them shipped to our home, where we relabel, steam, fold, package, and deliver to the post office all by hand, and with love. 

We hope you love shopping with us, because we love what we do - serving you. Please follow along and share what you love most about our business. See you soon.  :)

Merciful Dress

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