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Does Jesus Care What Clothing You Wear?

Jesus cares what you wear just as much as he cares how you behave in all other aspects of your life. We call it virtue, which the Catechism calls “an habitual and firm disposition to do the good” (1803). This is not just passive though, it requires action on our part. In Scripture, Jesus meets people where they are. He approaches them in their brokenness, sometimes entrenched in sin. He forces nothing on them, but invites them simply to follow Him. This is where most people get tripped up, and frankly what differentiates Catholics from the rest of Christianity. If we so choose that life, to follow Him in all things, then He expects from us a standard of behavior...

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What if People Can't Afford to dress well for Mass?

The most common roadblock I hear for people to adopt my “Dress for the King” lifestyle is the financial one. It usually goes like this: “but what about those who can’t afford fancy clothing or good makeup? Should they not come to Mass because they can’t ‘dress for the King’?”Great question. Here's my response:#1 - When I say to dress for the King, I do not mean to dress flashy or showy. I’m not saying to wear Prada shoes, a Valentino bag, or a Gucci dress. What I’m saying is to DRESS WELL for Mass based on who you are and where you are in your spiritual life. BE INTENTIONAL and ask God to help you discern what to wear.#2 - This argument...

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Ladies, Why Are We So Divided on What to Wear to Mass?

The reality is so many women settle. They settle for men. They settle for friends. They settle for what they wear. Settling is a basic symptom of NOT KNOWING ONE’S WORTH.If you know your worth, you don’t settle. If you truly understand and live out the life that God created you for, then you bring yourself (and others) to a higher standard.Don’t settle, please. Dress for the King.

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Finding your body shape

As a personal stylist I learned that determining your body shape is SO important when shopping for clothing because you want to find pieces that will flatter your body shape not pieces that will make you look frumpy.     The Inverted Triangle body shape: You typically have an inverted triangle body shape if you wear a larger top half than the bottom, and your shoulders are broader than your hips (Demi Moore has this body shape). Unflattering items can be necklines with big straps, halter-neck, and larger patterns on your top half. Instead, go for items that accentuate your bottom half like an a-line skirt or wide-leg pants. The best pair of jeans that work with this body shape...

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ALWAYS check this label before buying any clothing item

ALWAYS check this label before buying any clothingThis is REALLY important. I didn’t realize how many of my friends don’t do this before buying their clothes. It’s the same as buying food without reading the ingredient label (if you’re not doing this either, we need to talk).

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